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Real Money Arcade Games are a relatively unknown type of gambling. However, these provide a whole lot of entertainment and are likely to be more interesting than just about any other Casino Game. Online Casinos know this and largest ones have already added a wide range of them to their offerings. We’ll go through some of featured ones that provide a great gaming experience in this article.


Monopoly is a board game that’s enjoying popularity worldwide. You’ve probably played it at least a couple of times, when you were younger. You start with a fixed amount of money and a goal of building an empire by owning properties. GamePlay goes on by rolling a dice and players move around the game table.

The arcade version of this game is called Monopoly On The Roll and features many familiar things, such as the monopoly guy who rolls the dice! However, there is nothing to buy or charge others for. In this version you have to predict the number that will be rolled on dice by betting on one or several fields offered. Each of them features different payout odds ranging from 2:1 up to 45:1 for the less likely occurring ones! Play Monopoly at Bet365 Casino !


Darts is an arcade simulator game made after the popular game with that exact name. Once you enter the game a dartboard will be shown and you’ll be asked to place a wager. There’s no strategy in this game as darts are thrown at a completely random basis. The closer to the middle your prediction is, the larger the potential payout odds are! These go up to 110 to 1, which will bring you a hefty payout if won! Play Darts at Bet365 Casino!


Virtual Racing is an arcade horse racing simulator that can be played for real money! Once you enter this game, you’ll feel like in a hippodrome. A screen showing current weather, track status and even an in-depth information about each horse! You’ll also be able to see the odds that each horse features. These are presented as decimal ones.

Wagers can be done on either a single horse or several of them. It’s also possible to make different types of wagers, such as a particular horse to win or to make top 3. Those who enjoy horse racing will certainly be pleased with this Game. Play Virtual Racing at Bet365 Casino!


There are much more on the offer at Bet365 Arcade Games section including Battleship, Killer Ace, Spin It and Euro 2012 Real Money Arcade Games! There’s no doubt that you will find one fitting your desires.

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