Real Money Poker

Real Money Poker started to gain popularity in 2000, when several Online Poker sites were launched. However, poker became really popular in 2003, when an amateur player Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event. Until then only professional players were able to do so. This year is also called the Poker Boom, as hundreds of new Online Poker Sites were launched and offered their services to players.

Nowadays almost anyone has heard about Online Poker as it’s widely advertised on television and in various magazines. Getting into poker action is a really basic task to do and players only have to fulfil age requirements for gambling in their country, to get started. Depositing and withdrawing is also easy and most Poker Sites accept any of the major credit cards. One thing that encourages many people to give poker a try is its status. Poker is a skill game, where you play against other people instead of playing versus the casino. You can gain a real advantage over your opponents by learning and educating yourself. This is what makes poker great.

Game Types

While there is a wide range of poker games offered, only two of them have really taken off and feature action packed tables at all times. These are Hold’em and Omaha poker types. Hold’em is played in Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit variations. Last one is enjoying a status of being the most popular poker game in the world. Any serious poker site will feature a wide range of tables and different stake levels available for No Limit.

Omaha wasn’t as popular before, but relatively recently started to enjoy its own boom. It’s different from Hold’em as Omaha players are getting 4 hole cards dealt. This poker type has taken off because of its action packed gameplay. You get twice as many cards, thus there’s twice as much action! Most popular Omaha variation is the Pot Limit one, others include Fixed Limit and No Limit types.

Other poker types that are offered at Online Poker Sites include Stud, Badugi and Razz. These doesn’t feature much popularity and it’s quite hard to find active tables.

Poker Sites

Online Poker is as saturated as any other gambling niche, such as Online Casino or Sports-Betting ones. With hundreds of operators (Poker Sites) and thousands of players, you will surely find a site that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Poker Sites will offer large, generous bonuses and promotions. Tables that are full with action at just about any time of day. Remember that you will be playing versus other players, so having a lot of them will be a big benefit. It’s also suggested that you choose a site that offers other gambling services, such as Casino and SportsBetting because these sites will drive many gamblers to the poker tables. If you develop a sound poker strategy, you’ll have no problem taking money of these guys! We’ve listed Top 5 Online Poker Sites that fulfil the highest requirements. 

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