Paroli Roulette Strategy

Paroli Roulette Strategy is a positive progression system, which means that you don’t chase your losses but instead chase hot streaks! If you hit a hot streak with this system, you have a shot at winning a ton of money. Paroli advices to double your bet every time you win and start all over in case of 1 loosing spin.

Applying Paroli Strategy for Roulette

Playing by following a System or Strategy can often be complicated or you might feel weird holding a sheet of paper and a pen when using Fibonacci Strategy. Well, the good news is that you won’t need any equipment to apply Paroli for Roulette or just about any other game. This system is somewhat similar to Martingale, but instead of chasing your losses, you will be willing to hit a winning streak and bet big!

Use of this system requires relatively small amount of money, as you’ll be playing with your wins when betting big. Only wager that will come from your own pocket will be the starting bet, which is usually in the amount of minimal table limit. However, you can always start higher as limits can be as low as $0.10.

Let’s check a real example of using Paroli System for Roulette. I’ll be starting with $10 wagers and betting on an even money bet – Red Colour.

  • Bet $10 and loose – as the first bet was lost, we start over again.

  • Bet $10 and loose

  • Bet $10 and win

  • Bet $20 and win

  • Bet $40 and win

  • Bet $80 and win

  • Bet $160 and loose

As you can see, I had a 4 spin winning streak, but I lost all my winnings on the 5th spin. If $160 is a lot of money to you, there’s a way to avoid making wagers this big. Set a stop win amount, which will be the stopping point for your Paroli System. Once reached, start the system over again by betting the initial wager.

Why is Paroli System Flawed?

Paroli doesn’t differ from other Betting Systems in one way – it’s also flawed. While you’ll be able to hit a winning streak and quit as a winner, longterm will show who’s the real winner that being the House.

Benefits of using Paroli Strategy.

First of all, this System is designed in a way that will excite you. Winning streaks will occur often and you’ll be facing large, risk free bets a lot. Risk free probably isn’t the correct term as it’s your money, but all of these bets will be cash you’ve won.

Use of this Strategy will also limit and minimise any losses. You can start by wagering $10 with $50 in pocket and still have a chance to win a large amount. All it takes is one hot streak of winning spins!