Real Money Video Poker

Video Poker is a slot machine game that is based on the game of 5 Card Stud. It was invented back in the 70s, when many live casinos offered this game to their customers. Not so long after, Video Poker became very popular as it was similar to the popular poker table game and players were able to enjoy it on their own. After Internet or Online Casino industry started to grow, this game was one of the first ones to be added to game offerings. Now there are several Video Poker Types to choose from, each provides a real casino feel and is equal if not better than the ones at a real, land based casino.


Video Poker is one of the easiest games to play. You start out by joining or opening a Video Poker Machine and selecting the amount of money that will be wagered in the following draw. Then just hit the ”deal/draw” button and 5 cards are dealt face up.

Now there’s a decision to make – which cards do you want to keep and which are the ones that you want to change. You can change all the cards or choose to keep them all, decision is up to you.

Once you’ve decided, hit the ”deal/draw” button again and the cards will be exchanges, if you’ve chosen to change any. A payout according to the specific machine’s payout table will now be awarded. Most of the time you’ll have to hold a combination of at least a pair of Jacks, in order to qualify for a payout.

Video Poker Types

While there probably are at least a hundred of different slot machines offering Video Poker, the most popular type is known as Jacks Or Better Poker. This is a game that awards payouts for hands that are better than a pair of jacks. It could also be titled as the foundation of Video Poker, as pretty much all the other ones are based on this same payout system.

Other types include Deuces Wild, where the deuces are considered as ”wild” symbols and replace any other card and Bonus Poker, which is a ”Jacks Or Better” variation that offers an increased payout for four of a kind combination.

The House Edge

Video Poker is the only slot machine game that offers a return of close to 100%, sometimes even over, given that it’s played by optimal strategy. Depending on the game type you play, the expected return will be anywhere from 98.2% to 99.5% for Full Pay Jacks Or Better, which is also known 9/6 Jacks Or Better.

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