Real Money Sports Betting

Real Money SportsBetting has been around forever even way before the internet was invented. Various people who worked for so called ”bookies” would accept money wagers on popular sports events. Players would be offered certain odds for betting on a particular outcome to happen. These would usually be higher than 1:1 in order for the player to hold a chance at winning some money. Online Sports Betting is based on the same principles, except you don’t have to meet anyone or leave your home in order to make a wager. Also online version offers way more events to bet on and the range of bet types is also more generous.

Bet Types & Odds

While there are many bet types that can be made, most popular one is a bet predicting the outcome of particular game. If there’s a basketball game starting soon, most people would be betting on either first or second team to win. This turns watching a sports event or game into a more exciting activity, because you hold a chance to win some money! Another bet type is Over&Under, which offers to predict whether a single team or both will score a particular amount of points or just about anything else that is related to the game. Some Online Bookmakers will also offer to bet on certain player to score, sky is the limit when it comes to Sports Betting Online.

There are several Betting Odd Types offered, mostly country specific ones. Fractional Odds are mostly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These basically quote the net winnings that bettor would make in case of winnings. Odds of 3/1 with a bet of $50 would gain net profit of $150 to the bettor. Bettor would also receive his stake back, so the total payout would be $200.

Decimal Odds are used in Europe, Canada and Australia. These are offered in a format of single number, such as 1.25. With a bet of $100 bettor would net a profit of $25 and total payout of $125 in case he won at 1.25 odds. Simply multiply wager amount with odds to get the amount of possible payout.

Moneyline Odds are ones that are used in USA. These are divided into positive and negative ones.

Positive Moneyline Odds are quoting the amount of money that will be won if the bettor wagers $100. So +500 odds would gain a net profit of $500 to the bettor and a total payout of $600. These odds could also be translated to 5.00 in Decimal Odds and 5/1 in Fractional ones.

Negative Moneyline Odds are quoting the amount of money that has to be wagered in order to win $100. These odds are used, when odds are worse than even. -200 MoneyLine odds would be the same as 1.5 Decimal Odds and ½ Fractional ones.

Best SportsBetting Sites

SportsBetting is a little bit different in terms of determining a good site to bet at. Best SportsBooks will be the ones that offer best odds and widest variety of sports events to bet on. Of course, reputation and customer care is still an important aspect and simply ”must have” for the ”Bookie” you choose. While bonuses are way less important in betting, you can still benefit from them, if you can’t decide between two similar sites choose one that offers better bonuses and promotions. As you likely don’t have a site to bet at yet, we would like to advise some of the Best Online Betting Sites out there. All of them are tested by me and are safe to play at! They are also large, known brands themselves. Enjoy!


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