Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale Roulette System or Strategy is the most popular of the betting systems offered. It’s mostly used on even money bets, but sometimes can also be applied to other bet types. Martingale relies on the rule of gamblers fallacy – an event is more likely to occur in the next spin/round, after an unsuccessful spin/round. This is also one of the oldest betting guides as it was used way before Roulette was even invented. Back in the days, a game of coin flipping was gaining popularity and that’s how Martingale was invented. It advised that gambler should double his wager, if he lost in the previous flip.

System was really popular and logically seemed to have no flaws. However, after statistical analysis it was discovered that in order for Martingale to have a positive expectation, gambler had to have an infinitive amount of money to wager. As none in the real world has infinitive wealth, Martingale is flawed.

Using Martingale System at Roulette Tables

Use of Martingale is actually really simple and anyone can do it. The very first thing that you need to do is determine the betting amount, you’ll start with. I’d advise to choose something that isn’t more than 5% of the total amount of cash. So if you have $1,000 to play with, start with $50 bets or less. Also, to lower variance choose to bet on even money bets, such as Red or Black and Even or Odd.

Let’s say that I’ve decided to choose $50 as my starting wager. The system and gameplay would go as follows :

  • I bet $50 and loose.

  • I bet $100 and loose

  • I bet $200 and loose

  • I bet $400 and win – even thought I lost 3 times and won only 1 time, I’m now winning 1 betting unit!

Each time you loose – double your wager. If you win keep betting 1 unit. It’s simple and not complicated at all. That’s probably the main reason for popularity of this system!

Why is Martingale Roulette Strategy Flawed?

As you seen in my example, betting amounts go up REALLY quickly. Even though I started out with a wager of $50, I was already betting $400 in the fourth betting round. If I had lost that, I wouldn’t have enough cash to follow the system as it would require me to bet $800.

This is exactly the reason for flaw in this strategy. It’s easy to loose several bets in a row and to go broke. If you’ve ever played Roulette, you’ll know that loosing streaks of 10 spins are certainly possible and WILL happen. If I’d lost 10 spins in a row, Martingale would advice me to bet $25,600. Now I don’t think that’s too ”healthy”, to say the least!

How can one benefit from using Martingale?

While system is indeed flawed and won’t make you a winner at Roulette, in reality there is no way to win at this game longterm. Without cheating, of course. However, Real Money Gambling is a lot of fun if you know your limits. You can start out with $1 wagers by using Martingale and I can guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun! It’s also possible that you will have a hot streak and win you lots of money. Any Roulette Strategy will benefit you by limiting your bets and requiring you to follow a specific system! Worst things in gambling usually happen, when a player loses his mind and gives emotion in! Following a strategy like this will help avoiding these times!


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